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Modern office design goes hand-in-hand with modern workplace culture. Creativity, collaboration, and productivity thrive when employees are comfortable in their space. As more companies shift toward remote and hybrid work, the traditional cubicle maze setup is vanishing, making way for multi-purpose common areas, a focus on incorporating natural elements, utilizing wall space, and more. The best office interior design is the one that’s right for your organization. It can be challenging to spot the trends that balance passing fads and evergreen designs. Best Office Interior Design Company Bangladesh

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Since nine out of 10 businesses are combining in-person and remote work as the new norm, common areas are necessary spaces. Common areas can include break rooms, kitchens, open work areas, and more. Great office common space design reflects how your company does business and what your teams need to accomplish their goals. A large space dotted with love seats and coffee tables works for impromptu brainstorming, quiet contemplation, and study, but maybe not for lunch meetings and round-table creative sessions. A big round table or lines of counters can give employees great spots to relax over lunch or have a spirited discussion, but they’re not great for long work stretches at the computer. The key is striking the right balance and offering your workforce different kinds of common spaces to suit the needs of their workday.

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To expand on this idea, think about booths and nooks that offer privacy, but not isolation from the rest of the team. These flexible common spaces facilitate spontaneity and collaboration that are not easily replicated in structured, conference room-style meetings that are not always conducive to the aha! moment. An intriguing design trend we’re seeing in modern offices is to make the conference room feel more connected to the common areas. We love the idea of using glass and acoustic management to keep the conference room private, but also flooded with light and open to the higher energy of the common areas around it.

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