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Unique Services of Interior Concept. Our Unique Services. Indoor Garden Design. Institutional Interior Design. Interior Highlighting. Kitchen Interior Design. Hotel Interior Design. Institutional Interior Design. Swimming Pool Design. Villas And Palace Landscape Design. Our professional landscape designers work creatively to have original and various landscape designs to choose from for your property. Why Choose Interior Concept. Why choose us? Delivering high-quality planting schemes nationwide. Extensive knowledge and experience of design.. Tailored services to suit your needs Wide range of landscape design services. Commitment to deadlines. 

We Work Within Your Budget Bamboo & Cane Made. Handy Craft. Jute Craft. Nokshi Katha. CUT FLOWER. FLORAL SUPPLY. FOLIAGES. FRUITS PLANT. Imported Plant. Local Plant. MEDICINAL PLANT. ORNAMENTAL PLANT. Cactus. Imported Plant. Indoor plant. Local plant. Outdoor Plant. Succulents. POTTERY. TERRACOTTA. VEGETABLE. Landscape Design company in Bangladesh. As a landscape design company, BD INTERIOR wisely draws out detailed plans that are well thought out and meet your definite landscaping needs. We take the time to create a beautiful and eye-catching landscape that will give you pleasure in mind. Our creative utilization of mature trees, shrubs, and flowers will effortlessly mix with your existing site accomplishing a complete paradise virtually overnight. 

BD INTERIOR is engaging in various types of Landscaping Work all over the Country. Such as: Rooftop Garden. Green areas around Houses. In front of Corporate office Building. Factory Landscaping. Indoor and Outdoor Fountain. Indoor Plantation. Resort, Villa, Vacation House Landscaping. Park Landscaping. Building Vertical Landscaping. Road Landscaping. The Working Features that we are following Initial concept. The layout Plan is the 2D plan. 3D Visualization Detail Working drawings for implementation of the project. Consider the following Landscaping Design Tips and Ideas before starting: Landscaping design reflects an individual’s taste, the beauty of mind, and personality. To refresh our minds, an eye-catching design increase beauty of the space. Should be the place keep open and clean. Proper and right Plant selection. Think about space location. Lighting arrangement properly. Combination of Small, medium, and big trees. 

Should be used flower bed. A water body or fountain makes the place more lucrative. Vertical Gardening also is used. should be used Internal Road or Pavement. Design should be unique. Selection of suitable materials and plants is the right selection for the project Quotation / BOQ Prepare Work implementation by top-level Technician and labors Site monitoring by experienced Engineers and Landscaping designers. On-time project handover Client Positive Feedback Rooftop Garden Design Services in Dhaka, Bangladesh A garden on your rooftop can be an exciting and ideal way to enjoy all the purity of gardening and outdoor space. But it requires careful planning and drafting to design a rooftop garden. Interior Studio Ace offers full-service rooftop garden design solutions in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

It’s not only for planning the new one but also for enhancing the existing one in a new way. A Thing of Beauty with Happiness A rooftop garden can add an admirable view and increase aesthetic value to your rooftop. It can help you relieve stress whenever you are in your beautiful garden. It’s a source of happiness for tree lovers. Some Extra Space A well-designed rooftop garden can provide a little extra space to spend time with friends and family. A garden can be a pleasant place for reading books or having a cup of coffee in peace. 3For an Eco-friendly Environment For an Eco-friendly Environment Many plants will bring greenery and an eco-friendly vibe to the rooftop. Moreover, plants will reduce heat and noise and remove the distribution of dust in the air. Different Types of Plants While designing a rooftop garden, 

we bring varieties by keeping different plants. That includes small and medium plants, herbs and shrubs, decorative potted plants, and vegetable or fruit plants. Attractive Focal Point Focal points pull the attention of people. On an open rooftop terrace, we keep large trees around the focal point, like bamboo, tall shrubs, etc., which can help block your terrace and secure privacy. Natural Colors and Decoration. We keep the color balance while designing a rooftop garden. The color combination of walls, furniture, floors, plants, containers, or pots makes your rooftop garden look beautiful. Shading and Lighting. We design a rooftop garden with efficient seating furniture, shading, and lighting. While shading can allow you to relax and enjoy the fresh air, 

lighting can enhance the overall decoration of your rooftop. Rooftop Garden Design. Service Strategy for Rooftop Garden Design. Analyze rooftop projects as per the gardening requirements. Make the draft and plan for the design. Select designs that suit the best for a particular rooftop. Modify designs as per the client’s opinion. Design finalization and implementation. Inspection and Handover. Space Efficient Design Why People Love Interior Studio Ace. Deep consultation service with clients. Design that suits your space the best. We provide landscape designs for rooftops. Design team with professional designers. Customization based on the client’s preference. Provide alternative design solutions if needed. Project completion within the specified time frame. Rooftop Garden Design in Bangladesh. 

Everybody wants a peaceful place in their house to seek refuge from the exhausting daily life. A rooftop garden can prove to be that placid space. At present the idea of decorating your rooftop has gained popularity because it provides a very charming and healthy environment for families. Considering the growing popularity of rooftop garden Rongin Interior design has brought an excellent Service called Rooftop Garden Design in Bangladesh. We can turn any unoccupied space into a beautiful urban oasis. With our amazing concepts we can successfully offer you the dazzling rooftop garden of your dreams. Bd landscape and interior design Rooftop Gardening, Design & Terrace Garden Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh A rooftop garden not only makes your space look good but also makes it feel good. 

Our landscape designs help get outdoors indoors. Whether you have a rooftop garden already or you are planning to have one a very new mindpleasing rooftop garden in your residence or commercial office building our design ideas and tips will help you in having the most beautiful rooftop garden in the city. Optimal interior design offer a wide range of rooftop garden design, terrace design, installation or beautification services to enhance cityscapes, landscapes and public spaces with invigorating, dynamic water features that will stand the test of time. Consider the following Rooftop Garden Design Ideas and Tips Before Starting New Following ideas and tips will help you in having the most beautiful roof garden / terrace garden design. Keep it open. Plant carefully. Add a focal point. Do some lighting. 

Grow tall plants and trees. Its best to use maximum of three colors. Utilize vertical space perfectly. Floor selection is really important. Play with colors and plant types. Fountain & Landscaping Design Firm in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Having your property a more refreshing look, landscaping also permits you to maximize use of your yard spaces. It goes beyond creating a visual scenery. Look into the several landscape design benefits: Involving with nature. Since going out for a vacation may not always be possible given your schedule, coming home to a relaxing landscape will offer you a temporary retreat you and your loved ones can take advantage of during weekends or holidays, minus the travel expense. Caring natural wildlife A good landscape design considers the existing inhabitants in your yard – may that be natural insects or birds. Your new landscape should protect these creatures and not force them away. Attractive quality of life. Spend more time outdoors relaxing in the gorgeous backdrop, welcoming guests for a spontaneous gathering. Turning unused spaces to functional areas. 

A side yard that has been unused for many years, or that backyard that’s been home to old furniture or a pile of twigs can be given a makeover with a simple addition of outdoor furnishings. BEST ROOFTOP DECORATION COMPANY IN BANGLADESH. Rooftop Decoration: A home or apartment that has a rooftop terrace can offer many possibilities, including an amazing view. There are plenty of different styles you can use to decorate your outdoor living space. Add some gardens, a fireplace, lounge furniture, and even a dining space. This area can be used for relaxing and entertaining, offering you plenty of possibilities. If you have an area that is surrounded by nature, your space should be relaxing—think romantic candlelit dinners and string lights. SOME OF OUR ROOF TOP DECORATION DESIGN CONCEPTS THAT MAKE AFFECTED YOUR OFFICE SPACE. Trending Landscape Interior Design In Dhaka. cloud71design is the Best Landscape Design Company in Bangladesh.cloud71design your rooftop with various ideas. we have many rooftop design ideas for the house. 

A roof design You can use your roof as a place of comfort and it is eco-friendly. This is where you can relax. You will just sit there and enjoy the serenity of the evening away from the hustle and bustle of your day. Rooftop design ideas don’t actually require too much space. you can share with us rooftop design ideas for small houses. we can give you a modern rooftop garden design for your house. we finished residential modern rooftop design bd.But, This is one of the things we have done Best Landscape Design Company in Bangladesh, landscape designers near me, landscape designer, Then, landscape design bd, landscape design in bangladesh, landscape design dhaka, 

landscape decorations, landscape decoration bd, landscape decoration in dhaka bangladesh.Also. best landscape decoration, residential modern rooftop design in bangladesh, roof top decoration bd, roof top decoration ideas, roof top decoration with lights, roof top decoration dhaka,best roof top decoration, rooftop garden design, rooftop garden design in dhaka, rooftop garden design bd, rooftop garden design in bangladesh, roof terrace garden design, modern roof garden design, modern roof garden design bd, modern roof garden design in dhaka etc. Landscape design: Landform, vertical structures, horizontal structures, vegetation, water, and climate are the elements of the landscape. When these six elements are arranged together for making the outdoor space looking good then it’s called landscape design. 

Landscape design and landscape architecture are quite same. Landscape architecture is a profession where an architect works for garden design, landscape design, and landscape planning. For making the outside area attractive, landscape design is the only way. Types of landscape design: Nowadays the popularity of landscape design is huge. Because it adds an extra attractiveness of any exterior design. There have different types of landscape design. They are as follows- 1. Hardscape: Hardscape means any type of masonry or woodwork. The elements that are used in hardscape design are- concrete, brick, stone, wood, and metals. The landscape project that uses this material is usually considered a hardscaping or hardscape project. Hardscape designs are cover with pools, 

patios, retaining walls, pergolas, paths, walkways, and fences. 2. Soft-scape: The living and horticultural elements of landscape design are considered as soft-scape. Any kind of plants are the main elements of soft-scape design. Interior landscape vs Exterior landscape or commercial vs residential landscaping: It means landscape design of an internal and external environment or place. For enhancing the beauty of any internal or external design hardscape and soft-scape can be used. So, hardscape and soft-scape are two main types of landscape design. Landscape planning: Planning for landscaping is not a difficult task but before planning for landscape design one must consider the below things- 1. One must think more about the public goods than private goods. 2. The design must be larger in scale and longer in duration. If you plan a landscape design in Bangladesh by considering this thing then you must be able to create an extra beauty outside your home or office. Interior landscape design: Interior landscaping usually known as the practice of planting and taking care of plants of the enclosed environment. 

At present interior, landscaping is very popular. Almost everyone prefers for interior landscaping. Those who are very fond of gardening but cannot create the garden outside the home because of small space, they practice interior landscaping more. Most of the apartment doesn’t have enough space for landscaping, for this reason, interior landscaping becoming more popular day by day. One can also create a focal point by doing interior landscaping. But before choosing the plant for interior landscaping one should consider the homes internal style. One should think “Do the plants suitable or match the home’s style? or what kind of plants will perfectly match with the style of the homes?”. One can also use green light at the at the internal landscaping area. And interior landscaping or plant-scaping create a pleasant environment. Check: Architectural Design Company in Bangladesh! Landscape Design in Bangladesh – Landscape Design 3D projects Landscape design for small space: 

If you have small space then you can also practice landscape like lager space but you should create the design in an organized way and must create ideas about multi-use things or space. Here are some tips that will help you to create a better landscape design for small space. 1. Plan for multiple focal points: The main problem of small space landscaping is they don’t create the focal point or think that they need large space for creating a focal point and for this reason they usually fail to make small space attractive. One can create many tiny focal points for making the place more surprising. 2. Make a design in inches, not in feet: Since space is small so one should create floor plan measuring inches. It will help you to install many things at the same place beside you will be able to make the place more attractive. 3. Brings high-quality materials: There are many companies who create or discover newer and newer materials especially for small space, indoor and outdoor landscaping. 

Using high-quality materials is better for any kind of landscaping. But before buying any materials for landscaping, make sure that it will be matched with other materials of your home. 4. Use color effectively: For visualizing the design of the area you can use the bright color. Because bright color things appear first to the eyes. 5. Create a layer for growing plants: One can use horizontally or vertically many layers of space where many small plants can grow. Nowadays it is the most popular concept. But keeping a plant on vertically is more effective than horizontal. This may help you to create a design for landscaping area but if you want an extraordinary and surprising landscape then you should research more or get the suggestion from a landscape designer. Landscape design ideas in front of the house: If you want to draw the attention of public then attractive front yard is the only way. If there is enough space in front of your house then you must plan for landscaping. Here some tips that will help you to gather more idea about “how to create attractive front yard? or how to increase the beauty of front yard?”. 1. 

One should first plan for the central point. Having a focal point garden is necessary. Not only in the garden but also in everywhere needs a focal point to increase the beauty. 2. Then fixed the function. What did you want to achieve from here? Frist think that. 3. If there was enough space then one must plan for the large lawn. It will look more attractive as well as beneficial for the environment. 4. Plant all seasons plants because it will make variety besides your lawn will look active all the season or over the year. And if you research more then you will find different color shrubs and also a plant that will bloom in winter. 5. Create a movement space or walkway. Because a garden without walkway will look like a painting. So, a walkway is necessary for a garden. 6. Most important thing is to maintain or create a balance of the color of plants. And must create a lawn according to your homes styles. Because it will give you regal feeling. 

For gathering more knowledge about it you should inquiry a lot about it. But before investing money for landscaping, make sure that your own design will worth it. If there any doubt about it then you must consult a designer for the better result. Residential Landscaping Garden Construction Maintenance Commercial Landscaping Urban Design Hard Landscaping Garden Lighting Construction Residential Landscaping Flower Seeds Supplier Residential Landscaping Services: We provide gorgeous landscape / hardscape designs customized to our client’s preferences and the limitations and assets of their properties. Beautiful landscaping and lawn care service is what we do best as a gardening company of Bangladesh. Our team is courteous, friendly, and professional. 

We arrive at your home in full uniform and clean. We serve the best Residential Landscaping Service. Gardening Company of Bangladesh Below is a list of our common residential landscape services: Landscape Design and Installation Concrete Work Patios & Walkways Irrigation & Drainage. Interlocking Pavers. Lawn Care & Maintenance. Water Features. Planting. Lawn Mowing. Fences. Lawns(Manually and Seeding). Sprinkler Systems. Retaining Walls. Low Voltage Lighting. Tree & Pruning Services. Garden Centre takes great pride in creating a personal landscape design as a gardening company of Bangladesh which is tailored to each customers needs and wants. We can help you create a beautiful landscaped yard including trees, shrubs, flowers, perennials and even tie in a beautiful paved patio or walkway with interlocking brick pavers. A complete space can be designed and installed for an affordable price that will make your home the envy of the neighborhood. 

You will get the best experience in the Residential Landscaping Service. residential landscape service New house Landscaping: Residential Landscaping Service in Bangladesh and new house landscaping is the foundation from which we’ve built our business upon. We take great pride as a gardening company of Bangladesh in landscape designing and creating outdoor spaces to enhance the beauty of our customers’ existing and new properties. We take care of every detail with our focus on your complete satisfaction. A new house residential landscape design by the Garden Centre team delivers the look you’ve always dreamed of for your new home. Gardening company of Bangladesh using the latest in landscaping technology and expertise that comes with decades of experience within the industry, Garden Centre landscape team can offer you a range of options to enhance your new property to give it the charm it deserves. 

We offer the best Residential Landscaping Service in Bangladesh. New house Landscaping TURFING: WHAT IS TURFING? Turf is the layers of grass laid down as an excellent, efficient and aesthetic way to transform your untidy or worn-out lawn. Only a few tools are required, and turf can be laid all year round, however, spring is ideal with crispy conditions and extended periods of hot and dry weather best avoided. The two main factors that achieve a lush green healthy lawn are excellent quality turf and good soil preparation. Garden Centre team are experts in providing, preparing and laying down of turf, so you can have that dream yard all year round. Whether you’re looking to add quality turfing as part of your new home landscaping project, or redesigning your yard after excavation, our lawns are so good you’ll enjoy watching grass grow. 

Gardening Company in Dhaka GARDEN BED: Garden beds can dramatically shape the look and feel of your home exterior without creating an overly formal and manicured garden design. Garden Centre team members will work with you to build unique wood and block garden beds and garden edging that complement your home and your personality. We consider plant selection and location, ensuring it suits your lifestyle, the style of your property and surrounds. We use layered plant heights and flowering plants to create focal points and perspectives within your outdoor space. Our block garden beds are constructed using high-quality materials designed for shorter garden bed structures. And our wooden garden beds are built using sleepers or treated wood garden edging. 

MAINTENANCE: Garden Centre holds a high regard for the maintenance of residential garden.With the excellent services of our team, given our knowledge and experience, we are dedicated to not just enhance, but also maintain aesthetics to all landscapes residential landscape service in bangladesh Full-Service Landscaping for Homes : Landscaping consultation and design Flowering perennials, shrubs, trees, and more. Border edging of all types. Irrigation services. Planting new trees. Edible landscapes. Vegetable garden. New planting We also install: Retaining walls and steps Paver patios Pathways, and driveways Natural stone features Drainage solutions and rain gardens We love to take up challenging sites and premium projects, and provide superior-quality services. Residential Landscaping The dream is yours, the responsibility is ours. SUBMIT A REVIEW Welcome to Interior Design in bd. Interior Design in BD was established in 2006 in Dhaka Bangladesh. 

Interior design in bd working in this field for around 20 years and developed almost 500+ Projects inside Dhaka and outside Dhaka. We Develop Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail Healthcare, and Beauty projects. Make the brick and stone wall lively and lively to your heart’s content. From the walls of your home and office to every part of your home, add a tasteful and noble touch. Understanding the language of your mind, Interior Design in bd is at your side to decorate your home or office as you like! Our work will first surprise you and then make you appreciate our work. Because skilled architects, experienced technicians, and correct and quality materials are the priority of work. We never compromise on these three issues. We strongly believe that a client’s positive review will help us to do better. Modern reception ceiling & Certain areas like the reception ceiling design, meeting room, director’s room, and reception are slightly elevated to break the monotony of space layout. A good reception Ceiling Design creates a lively environment and increases employee productivity. 

Our Service: All Kind Of Architecture Related Work Like an Ex: 1. Fair Stall Work 2. Interior Decoration 3. Exterior Design 4. Structural Design 5. Landscaping Design Rooftop Gardening: Best Use of top space in Dhaka, Bangladesh (Assure Group) The way food becomes necessary during hunger, implementing the idea of rooftop gardening has become a similar kind of important to repair the lung of Dhaka city. The rooftop garden is a garden on the roof of a building. It is an eco-friendly plan that offers the opportunity to get close to nature and harvest fruits and vegetables with our own hands. It is a must doing initiative which would be the best use for the top space of a rapidly growing city like Dhaka. Rooftop Gardening Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh and a city of at least 10 million people made it one of the most densely populated countries in the world which suffered unrecoverable damage to the green areas of the city. 

Having the most polluted air, the residents of this city are forced to live in a dusty, polluted, toxic, and poisonous environment. The rapid growth of Bangladesh`s capital has destroyed crucial ecosystems, caused rising temperatures, and quickly lost its green. There is only one way to bring back its green, good air and repair its lung is “rooftop gardening”. Rooftop Gardening Recently, the city has been ranked second in the US Air Quality Index of the world’s worst cities for air pollution. To fight back from such a damaged and polluted environment, the rooftop garden movement can be a good way considering the growing popularity of the city as experts say that, apart from the obvious aesthetics, can improve air quality, provide fresh food, and lower ambient temperature. 

Large-scale implementation of roof gardens in Dhaka will reduce the urban heat island effect, carbon dioxide and increase oxygen content in the atmosphere. Green practices will also create new opportunities for food security and security, nutrition, employment, and city planning. In addition to decorative benefits, roof coverings have temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancements, wildlife habitats or corridors, recreational opportunities, and even ecological benefits on a large scale. Rooftop Gardening While Dhaka has lost its total biodiversity, It is the rooftop gardeners who can create new types of biodiversity in urban nature. Various types of birds, bees, and insects can be evacuated. At the same time, some enthusiastic gardeners breed pigeons and koels side by side in the garden. It provides them with both fresh and safe vegetables and meat. What’s more, it contributes to the health of the family and saves a lot of food. 

Rooftop Gardening Apart from all such benefits, since high demand for roof gardens has been created, new professions and working sources are being created as well, such as caring for plants, growing plants, preparing fertilizers, and creating flowerpots with profitable designs. New start-up companies could also be created soon along with its increase in popularity who would provide professional services to maintain a private garden for maximum productivity to support the city dwellers. Rooftop Gardening During the day, the air quality of Dhaka is deteriorating day by day. Toxic industrial gas CO2 from vehicles makes the air dangerous and toxic to breathe. It’s like a slow poison that the city dwellers are breathing. It is “rooftop Gardening” which would help the city to regain its fresh environment. 

Apart from environmental benefits, this program would beautify the city and will help its dwellers economically and psychologically as well. So, without a dot of doubt, Rooftop gardening would be the best use of top space in Dhaka. WELCOME TO DREAM TOUCH ARCHITECTS LTD The Complete Interior Design Solution in Dhaka, Bangladesh Dream Touch Architects Ltd. is a leading interior design firm based in Dhaka, Bangladesh that provides exceptional interior design solutions to clients. The company specializes in creating innovative and functional spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhance the lives of its clients. 

At Dream Touch Architects Ltd, we believe that good design should not only be beautiful but also practical and functional. From concept to installation, we work closely with our clients to understand their vision and goals, and then develop a customized design plan that meets their budget and timeline. Whether you’re looking to refresh a single room or remodel an entire space, our team has the expertise and skills to bring your vision to life. With a team of highly skilled and experienced interior designers, Dream Touch Architects Ltd. offers a range of services that include interior design for residential, commercial, and hospitality spaces, as well as space planning, project management, renovation, exterior and landscaping services. 

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for design, Dream Touch Architects Ltd has built a reputation for delivering exceptional results that exceed our client’s expectations. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, and we strive to make every project a seamless and enjoyable experience If you’re looking for an interior design firm that can transform your space into something truly special, look no further than Dream Touch Architects Ltd. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can bring your vision to life. Living Room-Home Interior Design in Bangladesh